Information from a customer in the Philippines 4000w underwater fishing lamp

In March 2023, the customer in the Philippines sent a message that the Marine collecting fish lamp produced by our company had won the trust of more fishing boat owners in the local market, and they were very optimistic about our sales prospects in the Philippines this year.
While chatting with our customers in the Philippines, we learned that the local fishing port has slowly undergone major changes in recent years, because of the introduction of PHILOONG, a new lighting fishing boat collection light accessory brand.
The customer recalled that around January 2021, while browsing the website, he came across Fujian Jinhong Factory’s website for collecting fish lanterns. He carefully reviewed all the products on our website, and made a detailed analysis of the pictures and descriptions of the products. After learning more about the products, he decided to try them out. He installed several sets of PHILOONG brand Underwater squid lamp 4000w,  4000w Ship fishing lamp  and 4000w Ballast for fishing light on the boat for testing.

Supplier of aquatic 1000W fishing lamp

After a full year of use, the brightness and quality of the lights are still good; It is comparable, if not better, than the much more expensive Japanese and Korean brands. The owner was so impressed with how well it worked that this year he planned to replace all of the ship’s other night-bait lights with PHILOONG brands, which would save him extra money. In 2022, he started to introduce our PHILOONG Light fishing boat to fishermen around him. After a year of use, the feedback from my friends is very satisfactory. Because they want to save money as well. Find a solution to lure fish with good lights for boats out at night. Save money without sacrificing quality or performance standards.

PHILOONG line products provide high lumen output while maintaining low energy consumption levels. The glass 1000w led squid fishing light are equipped with shockproof materials, making them usable even in severe weather conditions such as strong winds or choppy waters. In particular, the unique craftsmanship of the low UV products will be greatly appreciated by any experienced sailor! Most importantly, our company’s 7X24Hr after-sales service is excellent, to solve all customers’ after-sales doubts, so that our customers can rest assured to buy! Because the company’s service tenet is: quality service is not the face, but the heart! Quality products, not just appearance, but performance!

Post time: Mar-09-2023